A Boutique Style Real Estate Office Located in the Heart of Providence, Rhode Island

(Each month we are highlighting a different RE/MAX in Rhode Island owner and their office.)

RE/MAX Horizons in Providence


What makes your office in Providence different than other RE/MAX offices?

  1. We are a Boutique Style office.
  2. Personalized compensation structure, to fit every agent unique style, stress free commissions.
  3. One-on-one in-house mentorship. Hands-on training and education, access to local, regional and national trainers.
  4. Unique opportunity to work with a multilingual real estate office, with the diverse markets in Rhode Island.
  5. Great location, right on the heart of the capital of Rhode Island.
  6. State of the art, elegant historic building with modern spaces available for agents to relax and work more comfortable, like “The Agents Lounge“, The Conference room, The Resource room and more. In our company it is all about our agents and our priority is for them to feel at home.
  7. Up to date with the latest technology.
  8. Over 20 years of been in the real estate business.
  9. Focus in support in growing agents real estate career.
  10. We care about our community, volunteering work with local Rhode Island Nonprofits organizations.
  11. We also have fun, we have access to local, regional and national  networking events.


How many agents does RE/MAX New Horizons have?

We currently have eight real estate agents in our office at the moment with one office located on 390 Broadway, Providence, Rhode Island.

How long have you been in real estate?

I’ve been in real estate for twenty-two years and have been a broker for eighteen years.

Why do new agents join your office?

For many years a dedicated my self successfully to do sales, about a year ago a decided that I wanted to grow my office and offer my experience of 22 years to agents that want to work in my office and want to grow their business to the next level.

My agents joined my office because they wanted that personal mentoring from someone that knows the business in and out, also because they have all the support, tools and education they need to succeed, my goal is to help them to be successful as I been all this years.

Inside RE/MAX New Horizons

How long have your office been at your Providence location?

We are at 390 Broadway, Providence, RI since 2001. Our office has been remodeled recently, we were nominated by The Historic Preservation & Heritage Commission, as one of the best Historic building remodeled in 2018.

How do you cater different agents?

We have a millennial in marketing to bring fresh ideas and to put input on things others might not have thought of. Some older agents may not know everything RE/MAX has to offer online like websites, education, and design center so she shows anyone who isn’t 100% comfortable to ensure their success.

What do you look for in new agents that join your RE/MAX offices?

We are always interested in working with new agents as long as they are motivated, willing to learn, put in the work, and time for their success!

Comfort at RE/MAX New Horizons Office

Do your agents all work from the office?

Our agents probably work 25% in office and 75% on their own.

What tools and technology do you provide them?

Along with our office staff, we provide MAC computers, wifi, online telephone systems, fax, scanner, copy, color printer, dot loop (e signature system, CRM, like top producer, mailchimp.

Also agent personal websites, agent personal app, company website, social media platforms, a drone, Nikon professional cameras for the perfect photography, etc.

What is the most common thing said about you or your offices?

Experience, mean business, fast response, knows the market, successful business.

Do you have any slogans?

Yes, “With Over Twenty Years of Experience in Saving You  Money”.

Do your office serve the communities in which they are located?

Broker Sussy DeleonWe pride ourselves in serving the diverse multicultural community in Rhode Island by making sure they get the best service. We also donate to different organizations to show our support.

If you are interested to join this boutique style RE/MAX Office in Providence contact Sussy DeLeon Today!