As a real estate agent, I’m sure you have been putting thought into what your goals are for 2019 in real estate. Some of you may be contemplating a change of scenery for various reasons. 

There are those of you that may be unhappy with your current situation. You may be shopping around to see if there are other brokerage firms that appeal to what works best with your lifestyle. 

Therefore, if the thought has crossed your mind or you’re just curious to see what else is out there, let us show you why you should consider choosing a career with RE/MAX!

Ask yourself these questions:  Do you average at least 15 transactions per year? Do you average $105,000 in commissions? Does your Real Estate office make you feel at home?  If you’re answers to these questions are “NO”, then you should be asking yourself “WHY?” Why you’re not and what you can do about that!

So what motivates you to want to leave or join a new real estate brokerage firm? Surprisingly, we find that it isn’t always about the commission splits.  Agents today have a different mindset. It isn’t always just about the paycheck. Today’s agents consider their own lifestyle and work environment. As well as the amount of independence and freedom in their jobs. Finally, productivity tools and marketing resources are some of their top priorities.

So are you driven and want to raise your real estate game?  Do you want to be around other energized agents in a collaborative environment? And yet still have the autonomy to grow your business? Continue reading to see if RE/MAX in Rhode Island is a good fit for you! 

A Brief History

RE/MAX was founded over 40 years ago by Dave and Gail Liniger. Their philosophy was to create an innovative and entrepreneurial environment. That environment would give agents and franchisees the flexibility to operate their businesses with independence and maximum freedom.

But yet have the support of a great brand to help empower them! 

At present, there are over 115,000 agents worldwide in more than 100,000 countries and territories. Impressive, right?! They believe that your success is ultimately their success!

Why RE/MAX Now

As with any great company, making minor changes such as freshening up the brand logo. Or tweaking fee structures and commission rates. Finally the work environment, improving technology resources, training, etc. are all important. This is in order to continue to be a cut above the competition.

In order to keep thriving, you need to always be forward-thinking and open-minded. No one likes to be left behind.

Recent training session for RE/MAX in RI agents.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider choosing a career at RE/MAX:

  • Nobody sells more real estate than RE/MAX. Consistently and constantly on the competitive edge.
  • Brand Influence. Although we have made some minor changes to the look of the Iconic Logo, it still holds great name recognition the world over. This brand opens doors for its agents!
  • Professional Development. It’s imperative that once you join the RE/MAX team, you are mentored and supported completely by the broker/owner. One-on-one mentoring is key. And, RE/MAX has you covered! Our belief is if you’re happy, you’ll be loyal to the brand. 
  • Resources, Education, & Training. Becoming a member of a winning team will help you. Where you are constantly given advantages of new technologies, training, and tools to help you work better and effectively. The award-winning RE/MAX University provides tools, resources and programming for continuous growth. 
  • Administrative Assistance. To become a top producer, it is counterproductive to have to do your own administrative work. Your concentration should be on your clients’ needs, lead generation, selling, and closing each transaction. Finally, spend your time wisely and more productively!

And More Reasons Why Choose A Career With RE/MAX in 2019:

  • Sense of Generosity and Giving Back to the Community. RE/MAX is well known for giving back to their community.  Hasbro Children’s Hospital and Children’s Miracle Network have been beneficiaries of generous donations for many years. Giving back is good for the soul! 
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit. RE/MAX is founded on the premise of helping guide their agents in growing their successful real estate business.
  • Flexible Commission Structure. RE/MAX is well known for their various commission structures. Most of all, ‘OLD DESK FEES’ are a thing of the past! Agents now earn more and keep more of what they earn. 
  • Latest Technologies. RE/MAX recently acquired booj. It is a real estate technology tool to help our agents deliver better service to their clients. Therefore helping them work more effectively and efficiently. 
  • Global Referrals and Lead Generation. Agents are given unlimited referral opportunities. We encourage the use of social media marketing. RE/MAX provides assistance through These are no-fee leads!! 
  • Selling Luxury and Commercial Real Estate. No longer will agents be limited to just selling homes. You’ll find that RE/MAX offers specialized tools and programs to help give you the edge in the marketplace.

Sound Like A Choice For You?

As a result, if you’re interested in becoming a member of a winning team RE/MAX is for you! And if you would love to have a powerhouse brand with a great reputation supporting you while working alongside quality like-minded professionals, you can’t go wrong with RE/MAX.

Recently, Renee Buckhoff, formerly of Coldwell Banker, shares why she left and joined RE/MAX:

“If you’re looking to be a real estate professional and have a business of your own and not have the corporate mentality, RE/MAX has so many strengths that will fit your vision. 

I have accountability to my Broker/Owners. But, they’re not in my office every day telling me I need to order fliers or that I need to host open houses. 

If I don’t do them, I’m the one who’s losing; and if I do them, I’m the one who’s winning. If you’re ready to truly be the owner of a business and do more business, I think RE/MAX is a fantastic place to be.”

Renee Buckhoff

In Conclusion:

If you are interested now contact one of our 14 broker owners across Rhode Island. After all, they will help you get started in your career at RE/MAX in Rhode Island.