You can pick your friends, but you can’t pick the members of your family. Or can you?

(Each month we are highlighting a different RE/MAX in RI owner and their office.)

When choosing a real estate office, YOU CAN pick your family. That is, if you select RE/MAX Preferred, Town & Country & Properties in Northern RI. Once you join any RE/MAX office location in northern Rhode Island, YOU are FAMILY!

The moment you walk in, you capture the feeling of the familial environment.  It’s like one big family. Even with several locations, the feeling is the same. These RE/MAX offices are located in North Providence, Cumberland, Smithfield and North Smithfield Branch Office, Stearns/McGee Teams.

Richard and Jayma zompa

Jayma and Richard Zompa at the RE/MAX LLC Headquarters in Denver, Colorado in October, 2018.

An agent once said, “I didn’t realize that when I joined this office, I was gaining another family, especially when I needed it the most.”

EXPERIENCE Makes the Difference!

Our RE/MAX locations are “a step above” other real estate offices! WHY? It’s 34 Years of Proven Experience!
Richard Zompa, the Broker Owner, started his real estate career 34 years ago in 1985; and has never looked back since. Richard became a licensed realtor in 1985 and bought his first RE/MAX office in 1992.

He bought the North Providence franchise in 1992 and then bought the Cumberland and Smithfield franchises in 1994.

He and his wife Jayma, who has been with RE/MAX since 1993, are very hands on with their offices, staff and agents. They can be reached at any time. Richard and Jayma are always ready to help in any way. Furthermore, they provide and offer their agents all the essential tools needed to fulfill their goals.

we are remax

RIchard and Jayma Zompa at the RE/MAX Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, February 2019.

The Zompa’s Manage 100+ Agents with Ease and Efficiency

RE/MAX Preferred, Town & Country and Properties combined offices boasts 110 trained agents including 12 real estate teams.

How do the Zompa’s manage such a successful operation?
Hard Work! Dedication! Organized Operations!

“It’s work!”, states Richard. “My wife, Jayma is the Finance and Operations Manager of our offices. She hires and trains very dedicated Administrators and office staff. With procedures in place and the help of modern technology, we are capable of handling it all. With technology in place, each office runs the same to help agents go out and sell real estate to grow their business as the staff handles the rest for them.


The age difference, within the 110 real esate agents, spans over one-half of a century. Agents range from their early 20’s to mid-70’s.

This creates different work habits and sales approaches.  These techniques are both unique and diverse! They range from the traditional, contemporary and modern style of doing business.

Older agents tend to spend more time in the office. While, the millennials are “in and out” and “out and about”, seasoned agents are more comfortable with office camaraderie. They feel that the benefit of sharing ideas and discussing experiences is second to none.

RE/MAX Preferred, Town & Country and Properties offices envisions this as a win-win combination for both the buyers and sellers. They believe that pairing up someone older with someone younger is mutually beneficial.

It can close the “knowledge gap” for both parties. If one is struggling with social media, the other may be able to help. Or, if one is struggling with creating leads, the other can help navigate through it. Together, they can work through any overwhelming situation.

This theory is implemented within the New Agent Mentoring Program. This program assigns a seasoned agents to take a new agent under their wing for 1 year to guide and train them to reach their maximum potential.

New Real Estate Agents Win with an “Outstanding” Work Ethic!

First impressions can make or break an interview. Richard Zompa has an outstanding judgement. Therefore, he believes that drive and determination are the key factors, along with a strong work ethic, when interviewing a new agent. These are the fundamental elements he looks for during the initial meeting.

Richard Zompa is a good judge of character. His 34 years of experience as a realtor, has taught him exactly what proper questions to ask. By and large, this helps him determine if the interviewing candidate is a right fit for his office.

Home or Office — RE/MAX Preferred, Town & Country and Properties are FLEXIBLE!

Richard Zompa believes that a “happy agent” is a productive and successful agent! In this fast paced business environment, the day of the 9 to 5 desk job is obsolete. An employer who realizes this and adapts to this will be rewarded with dedicated employees.

Therefore, Mr. Zompa provides his agents with the ability to work from home, if they choose. He provides office space for any agent who prefers it. Space is available in all his locations especially when teams need office space so that they can collaborate, meet, train and network together.

remax offices

Richard Zompa’s 4 RE/MAX Locations in Northern Rhode Island.

RE/MAX Preferred, Town & Country and Properties in RI Boasts Top Notch Sales Teams!

Recently many of our real estate teams were in the top 5 for transactions and  several in the top 10 for comissions in Rhode Island. We also have several agents place in the top awards at the annual RE/MAX in RI awards and at the RE/MAX International Awards held in February in Las Vegas, Neveda.

RE/MAX Preferred, Town & Country and Properties Provides State of the Art Technology!

With help from RE/MAX LLC, Richard is able to offer all his locations, the benefit of many tools and technology within the real estate industry. The Design Center, for one, aids the agent in creating marketing materials. In addition, LeadStreet provides leads and contact management information for their agents.

RE/MAX University is a tool to conduct training classes and so much more!
There is an office intranet site available to all agents which is not only a document library but so much more and a “Go to” for whatever the agent needs. In addition, there are numerous other tools available for the “on the go” agents as well.

Coming soon is Booj, the technology company that RE/MAX recently bought. In the near future RE/MAX will have the best real estate technology in the world for all of it’s real estate agents. It was debuted at the RE/MAX convention in Last Vegas last month.

RE/MAX Preferred, Town & Country, and Propertiess Gives BACK to the Local Community!

Many of the 110 agents contribute to diverse community charities. RE/MAX Rhode Island does their share of giving back as well.

In fact, they donate to numerous State and Local causes such as (but not limited to):

      • The Hasbro Children’s Hospital thru Children’s Miracle Network.
      • The Gloria Gemma Foundation.
      • The Local Animal Shelters.
      • The Toys for Tots Program.

RE/MAX Northern RI Offices Offers MORE Resources than the Average Broker Owners!

      • Open 7 days a week in all office locations.
      • Staff support in each location full time.
      • Full Time Bookkeeping Staff in North Providence’s corporate location.
      • Real Estate Agents licensed in RI.
      • Agents licensed in MA and CT as well.
      • Broker / Owner who is licensed in ALL THREE STATES.

RE/MAX Preferred, Town & Country and Properties is #1

      • #1 Multi RE/MAX Office by Sales Volume and Transactions SINCE 1994

hard working agents

Most Recently this office was named RE/MAX INTEGRA New England’s Top Multi Office for Volume and Transactions in Rhode Island for 2018. And Jayma Zompa was voted #1 manager in all of RE/MAX New England for 2018.

If you are thinking of a career in real estate around Northern Rhode Island contact Richard today!